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Aspen University -- BA in Psychology and Addiction Counseling

The mission of the Bachelor of Arts in in Psychology and Addiction Counseling is to educate students in the foundations of addiction counseling and to prepare individuals to apply ethical reasoning and discerning critical thought while presenting the strong communication and analytical skills needed to undertake the important and challenging roles of an addiction counselor.

Aspen University -- MA in Psychology and Addiction Counseling

The Master of Arts in Psychology and Addiction Counseling provides courses that cover fundamental theories of general counseling and addiction and courses that tie the two together so that students can have a wide berth of knowledge to draw upon with a focus in the field of addictions counseling.

Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies (

The Distance Learning Center for Addiction Studies features over 500 continuing education (CE) hours of chemical dependency counseling and addiction studies courses. These courses are accepted for credentialing or maintaining a credential by many national organizations and agencies. Although the courses do not carry regionally accredited semester hours, one can divide by 15 to arrive at an approximation of semester credit hours. Each course features a study guide, final exam, and course evaluation, which must be completed before a certificate is issued. The level and density of content in the courses ranges from undergraduate to graduate levels of instruction. The courses may be completed in no particular order but the basic training curriculum is designed to be completed first by those who are new to the counseling profession. The coursework may be very useful to those who are seeking specific, update-to-date training on alcohol and other drug (AOD) counseling subjects.

Cityteam Institute

Cityteam Institute's CCAPP Counselor 2016 Courses
Cityteam Institute's format for courses is one course per month, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 9:30pm, plus a lab. The cost for each course is $300. Although recommended to be taken in order, the courses may be rearranged because of personal commitments.

CAS 001 Overview of Addiction 

Taught by Lorraine Kay Hutchinson, Psy.D. Adjunct Professor

This course is designed to examine the history of alcohol and other mood-changing drugs in the United States; the myths and stereotypes of drug and alcohol use; the socio-cultural factors that contribute to the use of drugs; and the patterns and progressions of addictions. This course satisfies CAADAC educational requirements for certification. (4.5 quarter units)

CAS 004 Case Management
Taught by Honili Sema

This course is designed to help students understand the core function of case management. This course satisfies the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CAADAC) educational requirements for certification (4.5-quarter units)