Cognitive Dissonance Research Institute
The mission of the Cognitive Dissonance Research Institute (CDRI) is to promote the exploration of a new model of cognitive dissonance measurement.

Updated: February 2019

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Dissertation of Dr. David A. Wagner, Ph.D.:

 Video of Dr. David A. Wagner, Ph.D.

The Cognitive Dissonance Research Institute (CDRI) is currently organizing and raising funds to expand twelve years of research by Dr. David A. Wagner, Ph.D. (a.k.a., Dave Wagner), our founder and executive director.

Continuing education and certification modules for practitioners on applying the new model of dissonance measurement are underdevelopment and planned to be available in the future.

Our initial focus will be applications of the new cognitive dissonance measurement model in two disciplines: consumer marketing media research and addictions counseling clinical research. Yes, there is a connection between these two disciplines.

Financial contributions and research suggestions are welcome. Please consider contributing to the progress by submitting your resume or CV.

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